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  • How will the Valley Water Almaden Lake Improvment Project impact the construction of the Playgarden?
    Construction for the Almaden Lake Improvement Project is currently scheduled to begin in 2022, with a target completion date of summer 2024. The Playgarden Project is expected to begin in spring of 2023 and be completed in fall of 2023. Valley Water and City PRNS staff will coordinate efforts to minimize temporary closures in the west side of the park until the Lake Improvement Project is complete.
  • Will there be naming opportunities?
    Yes, there are many ways to be recognized for giving to this project. Currently, the design contains 15 playground assets, a major gateway, and wall space throughout the Playgarden where recognition can be included in the design. As design plans solidify, naming opportunities will develop further. Reach out to to discuss specific donor requests. In addition, donors who donate $1,000 or more will be included in the Donor Recognition Amenity.
  • Are donations of stock allowed?
    Yes. The Almaden Valley Rotary Club Endowment is set up to receive donations of stock. For detailed information on the process contact Fundraiser Liaison Tanner Kohl (Rotary Club of Almaden Valley) at
  • Do donations to AVRC Endowment qualify for the $300 CARES Act donation deduction?
    Yes. AVRC Endowment is a qualifying charitable organization. Under the spring CARES Act, donations of $300 made in 2021 can be directly deducted from your federal taxable income, even if you do not itemize. Please seek advice from a qualified tax preparer or consultant for your specific situation. For more information visit the IRS website at:
  • Are grant opportunities being considered?
    Yes, however, it is expected that most of the project funding will come from the community. Grants Liaison, Richard Sanders (Almaden Seniors Association) is actively applying for grants from various foundations. If you know of grant opportunities that fit this project, or if you are interested in helping Richard in any way, please contact him at .
  • What happens to excess donations if the goal is exceeded?
    Because the project design is scalable and based on funds received, if the goal is exceeded, additional features will be added where possible. Any excess funds that are insufficient to add additional features will be held by AVRC Endowment and will be designated for the Playgarden. These funds will either be used for future fundraising efforts to add additional features to the Playgarden or will be used to help augment future repairs and maintenance of the Playgarden.
  • What happens to my donation if we don’t reach the full goal?
    All donations will be used to improve the current design in some tangible way. For example, the current design calls for wood chip surfacing, called fibar. While fibar meets ADA specifications, it is not truly “inclusive” as it is very difficult to roll a wheelchair over fibar. So, if we only raise the amount needed to install rubberized resilient surfacing in the current project design, we will still consider the fundraising effort a success. And because the concept designs have already been created, future fundraising efforts can be planned. It will be less expensive to fundraise the full amount and build the full design now, instead of in the future, but it can be done.
  • Why are donations being made to Almaden Valley Rotary Club Endowment? What is the Playgarden Fund, and will donations to other organizations be used to fund the Playgarden at Almaden Lake?"
    The Almaden Valley Rotary Club Endowment has agreed to act as the fiscal agent for this project. All funds will be collected by them, and they will deliver the funds to the City of San Jose. The AVRC Endowment collects donations for various projects and services and has set up the Playgarden Fund as a separate project fund specifically for the Playgarden at Almaden Lake project. Other service clubs, and some fundraising individuals, have been given their own special fundraising link to use for collecting donations. This allows the club, or fundraiser, to see how much they have raised as part of the project. However, all funds flow through those links to the AVRC Endowment and are received and held by the AVRC Endowment and not by any other club or individual.
  • Can I just mail a check?
    Yes. Make checks payable to Almaden Valley Rotary Club Endowment. On the memo line, write “Playgarden at ALP” and mail it to P.O. Box 20543 San Jose, CA 95160. If you want another club or fundraiser to get credit for your donation, you may give the check to them and they will deliver it to the AVRC Endowment for you, or you can include a note with your check indicating who should get credit.
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